Opening Corporate Bank Accounts in Dubai


Everything seems impossible and hard, until and unless you find the proper resources to resolve it. When it comes to business, there are lots of things you cannot handle solely, you must have to take help from external sources. Corporate bank account opening in Dubai is one of the major challenges for every company especially when you want to expand your traditional business or restart a new business in a developed nation like Dubai.

Dubai is one of the business hubs of the mid-east. Geographical conditions and premium marketplace attracts investors to set up their business in Dubai but the strict government rule and regulations make the business establishment process a little tougher. The corporate account opening process is one of the major challenges in Dubai and without assistance, it won’t possible for a non-resident of the nation.

I & I corporate services is one of the top providers of corporate services and banking consulting which assists clients in opening business accounts, Corporate bank account opening in Dubai, and financial audits. Numerous micro, small, and medium-sized businesses have been successfully introduced in Dubai with the assistance of I & I corporate services.

Concerned About Banking in Dubai? Connect I & I Corporate Services

Each and every business should have a crisp and clear vision of a Corporate bank account opening in Dubai before establishing it in a new place because it is the heart and soul of your business. Without proper bank account details, you can’t operate your business in a nation like Dubai. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you should concise and precise about it. If you intend to start or grow your business it is mandated of opening a business bank account in Dubai.

It will be your company’s responsibility to open your corporate bank account in Dubai before proceeding with your business. Therefore, you should make it a priority to contact dependable service providers to make the process as smooth as possible.

Concerned About Banking in Dubai? Connect I & I Corporate Services

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, mainland businesses are reputed to be the most cutting-edge. Only a few limitations apply to mainland enterprises, and they are located in commercialized areas that provide them access to Emirati jurisdiction, where they are free to operate with less red tape than other firms would if they were located elsewhere inside this nation’s borders. Anyone from the mainland who resides there or conducts business there is referred to as a mainlander.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in the UAE grants a Mainland Company Setup in Dubai the right to conduct unrestricted business both inside and outside of the country. The government entity is in charge of overseeing, facilitating, setting up, and operating economic growth.

Submit An Application for a Trade Licence

As one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai, I & I Corporate services indicates that Dubai has a significant modernized infrastructure. The advanced sea ports and airports serve businessmen well. The smoothest infrastructure eliminates all the hurdles.

Obtain a Certificate of Incorporation

Obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation is the next step after obtaining a trade licence. This document attests to the company's legal registration in Dubai and its readiness to engage in business operations in any part of country.

Choosing Bank

Once you have a certificate of incorporation, you must choose a bank. I & I corporate services will assist you in choosing a bank that is reputable, provides competitive rates, and is accommodating to your requirements.

Open a Corporate Bank Account Opening in Dubai

After choosing a bank, you must present the required paperwork. A copy of the certificate of incorporation, a copy of a passport, and other documents, as required by the bank, are included in the document. The entire process of reopening the bank account, while you are away, will be assisted by I & I corporate services.

How do we help clients in opening a corporate bank account in Dubai?

  • I & I corporate services is a reputable company that offers corporate and financial consultancy services in Dubai. When you choose I & I corporate services, it assumes all responsibility for reopening your bank account to manage it.

  • You are not required to bear any of your company headaches, it is handled expertly by the I & I corporate services team.

  • Manage paperwork: It’s incredibly challenging to manage the documents required to open a corporate bank account in Dubai if you say outside of the nation.

  • I & I corporate services handle the management of all the major paperwork and assumes full responsibility for setting up your company’s business bank account in Dubai.

  • Collaboration with banks: I & I corporate services has excellent relationships with banks and other stakeholders. As a result, it happens quite quickly. You don’t have to go to the bank frequently to check on the status of your account.​

  • Expert resource: The results are more apparent when the team is more knowledgeable. To give you the greatest experience possible, I & I corporate services knowledgeable team tackles every challenge and the team supports the clients and aids in problem-solving.

Why do Clients Trust Us to Opening Bank Accounts in Dubai?

I & I corporate services is one of the well-known consulting and service provider companies in Dubai. The I & I corporate services helped thousands of customers to obtain corporate bank accounts in Dubai to run a successful business. Easy-to-use services, Dedication, and Support are the best client-centric objective of I & I corporate services. 


Easy-to-use services

I & I corporate services offer customers a service that is remarkably trouble-free. You don’t need to frequently visit Dubai to check on or evaluate progress it handles every detail and takes care of your desired demands. You can avail the benefits of just visiting the official website of I & I corporate services to reopen your business account in Dubai.



The devotion is of the utmost significance to I & I corporate services. The window for delivery never grows bigger. The company always prefers to provide services on time or early to the client and client satisfaction is the main priority of I & I corporate services.


From Freezone bank account opening to managing it, I & I corporate services always assist clients. The post assistance support is one of the biggest advantages for the clients.


Transparency & Confidentiality

Excellent communication and confidentiality between the client and our team is maintained. I & I corporate services seek the advice of their clients before taking any steps. The private documents are quite secure with I & I corporate services and there is no reason to be concerned about transparency.

Why you Should choose I & I corporate services?

Opening a business account in Dubai is not as simple as it seems. The nation is one of the major hubs of opportunity for new businesses and entrepreneurs. One of the main obstacles of it is the strict government rule and regulations in corporate banking facilities. 

I & I corporate services help clients by ensuring legal compliance and providing crucial advice for reopening the corporate bank account opening in Dubai and developing a prosperous business. Thousands of customers have already received assistance from The I & I corporate services in opening their bank accounts. Therefore, you have the chance to choose I & I corporate services before setting up your company in Dubai.